Aug 7, 2023

One of the biggest reasons people purchase a Jeep is because it’s so customizable! It’s like a Lego project; building from the ground up you can swap out literally anything to suit your style, personality, and driving habits. Whether it’s lifts, tires, wheels, and off roading capabilities, or lighter Jeep mods like colors, interior and exterior Jeep trim accents and accessories, there’s not only a lot out there, but a lot of sources to choose from.


The most obvious choice for factory replacement and genuine OEM replacement parts and trim is of course, right from the manufacturer themselves. You’re guaranteed to get genuine, warrantied, properly fitting parts. While most parts will be readily available, some will require time to get in stock or shipped to you, and there is likely to be a limited selection especially if you’re looking for additions and enhancements  like colored Jeep trim or more optional accessories.



When looking to make Jeep modifications like lifts, engine upgrades or improving off-road capabilities, you can find an expanded selection of genuine, and after market parts at your local off-road or 4x4 shop. Options include national chains like 4 Wheel Parts (4WP), or regional smaller, local shops. Selections of decorative Jeep trim and accessories is sometimes limited at these types of retailers.



There’s no shortage of online general retailers that offer a huge variety of aftermarket trim and accessories, often at discounted prices. Places like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Ali Express, and the like are a decent option for many types of accessories.  They typically offer a selection of basic colors and multiple manufacturers to choose from.

The seemingly endless options come with vast differences in quality, durability and customer service. Be mindful of pop up online retailers who are third party sellers making it more difficult to be sure where your parts are coming from, how they will fit, and what they will endure.



If you’re looking for more customization, durability and consistency of color and fit, A super option is online specialty retailers like Quadratec, Extreme Terrain, and Color My Jeep. These retailers have a more narrowed focus on 4x4 and off-road parts and accessories and a more expanded variety and selection of exterior and interior trim for modifying your Jeep. They’re often members of the Jeep community themselves and great sources of information for all things Jeep.

 You can find out about events, read up on the latest Jeep news, find product reviews, and instructional tips and videos about the trim and accessories you’re looking for.

 These Jeep accessory stores typically have many avenues of accessibility such as online chat, email, social media followings, and direct phone numbers. You’re likely to find them vending at Jeep and 4x4 events. With this comes better quality, more personalized selection, such as colors, options and fit that you’re not likely to find elsewhere. They often offer more flexibility with customization and returns. Customer service is the number one priority for these retailers because they’re fellow Jeepers and likely to run into you at the next great place to find Jeep trim and accessories.…



Perhaps the most fun place to shop for Jeep modifications and accents is at a Jeep or 4x4 event! Who doesn’t love to stroll around and check out the cool mods and personalized Jeeps in a Show N Shine, or on display at a vendor booth? These events are the place to see items first hand, in use and on display.  You can experience the look and feel of colors and textures. It’s a great way to be sure of what you’re getting before you make a purchase.  You can speak to an expert directly including some of the online retailers mentioned, and ask whatever questions you have in person. Many vendors have items for purchase and take home that day, or take orders for your own specialty color and build.

 With so many options and sources to buy Jeep trim and accessories, you’re sure to find the right quality, color, and fit for you and for your budget! The key to success  is to do your research, explore all of your options carefully and most of all HAVE FUN making your choices and customizing your Jeep!

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