Never Say "Never": The Journey to Color My Jeep!

2 comments Jul 1, 2021

Two things (of many) that I said I would "never" do: own a jeep, and own my own business. If someone told me even one year ago that my life journey would propel me in this direction, I would have thought them delusional! 

Last year at this time I was, as Dolly Parton put it, "working 9-5" in a corporate job where I had climbed the ladder with the help of two fancy degrees and was sitting restless and passionless in endless meetings. I had finally moved South from the arctic North, but at the expense of leaving my grown kiddos and new grand baby.  Other than a new location, consistency, complacency, and many years on the same career path had left me lacking joy.

Shortly after my move, I happened by a Jeep dealership and there she was, a most beautiful Bikini Pearl Rubicon sitting out front. From that moment on, I envisioned having a Jeep that color one day.I didn’t even care if I might not like driving a Jeep! I went online and built one out, printed it out and pinned it to my bulletin board so I would see it everyday as I sat at my computer slogging through meetings.

By early summer, and largely due to Covid, I still hadn't even driven one, but I was just crazy about that color! I researched for several weeks and began realizing that Bikini Pearl was getting harder to come by. One search led me to a bright white and tan wrangler (a white vehicle being another thing I would NEVER want) and after several days of contemplating, I decided that white would actually give me more options for customization with other colors AND would be cooler in the Southern summers. 

BAM! By the end of June, Ariel was delivered right to my doorstep!  I IMMEDIATELY loved my Jeep and joined countless FB groups related to Jeeps. Who knew there were so many Jeeple out there? Who knew they were even called Jeeple?  I was blown away by the numbers of people who owned Jeeps, drove Jeeps, love Jeeps, and customize their Jeeps!  I immediately started to search everywhere for Bikini Pearl decals, accessories, customizations, anything I could find, which turned out to be not much, especially in custom Jeep colors.  

As my Jeep began to take on more and more of a unique appearance, I got even more excited! I especially enjoy seeing the joy and excitement that other Jeeple get from their Jeeps. I love how they become Uniquely You! I love the immediate sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from painting – making something new, refreshed, different. I love how much joy it brings me to get new parts, paint them and then to see them on my Jeep! How great would it be for me to bring that joy to literally millions of other Jeeple?!

Suddenly my passion was back and I knew that I needed to leave my comfort zone and start working for myself. I wanted the flexibility to travel to Jeep events, travel to see my kiddos whenever I want and to not be tied to meetings all day. Here I am, owning a Jeep, and starting and owning my own business. Never say Never!!



  • Tonya Matice January 3, 2022 at 1:42 pm

    Hi, I’m new to your site. Was just wondering are these parts that cover up areas in your jeep where you want color or are they replacement parts to where you have to remove others in order to place yours on? And can you customize colors?

  • Scott Seltzer January 3, 2022 at 1:42 pm

    That’s an Amazing story! I Love it! I’ve been all over this Great Country of ours, yes the North East too. Was Once Married to a Gal from Maine.
    I love your Business idea, and your Right, never say never. I’ve seen that turn 180 many times by other women I’ve known and myself aswell.
    I Think you’ve got going just exactly what you need n where ya need to be. My Curiosity is definitely up with what your doing. It’s absolutely Awesome Lass. I’m Looking forward to seeing you and It grow and become exactly what you want it and your life to be like. Life is always best when ya Love what ya do, and ya never know just what the Lords going to bring to your life till he does. And It’s always Great. Best Wishes n Blessing to ya.

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