Jeep Ownership: A CULTure of Community!

Aug 13, 2021

Jeep ownership brings with it, a CULTure of community! Add a few little letters to the word cult and it has a whole new meaning. It becomes social behaviors and norms, beliefs, customs, capabilities, and habits of groups of individuals, in this case individuals who all happen to own or lease a Jeep! The cool part is, the mindset of being part of this group, very often becomes a part of who you are and how you relate to others; that’s COMMUNITY! 

Community is common interests

There are literally thousands of Jeep groups out there.  A quick search on social media can overwhelm with how many groups there are to join!  They organize based on Jeep type, model year, jeeping ability, geographic location, demographics of the members and more! Jeep Owners, Jeeping for Beginners, JeepHERS, Jeep Life, Jeep Tricks, Jeep Yard Sale,  you get the idea.

 Community is common actions

 Many of the Jeep groups out there focus on common actions and unite to help make a difference in the lives of others.  Jeepin For Jesus members volunteer their time and money for the benefit of those less fortunate and to spread the love of Christ. LadyJeepers provides education, training and event opportunities to women to help them build, maintain, and safely off road in their Jeep.  Jeep® even has its own Adventure Academy that provides off roading instruction to owners and enthusiasts. 

 Community is common customs

 One thing that took me by surprise when I started driving a Jeep was the Jeep Wave.  Yep, it’s not just a benefit that Jeep® offers it's buyers, it's a community thing.  You see another Jeep, you wave, and not just any wave- they all mean something different!  And the wave etiquette – do you wave to Jeepers behind you?  In front of you? Next to you? Or just when you’re passing them?    How about when you’re letting someone else drive your Jeep (IF you even allow such a thing), they need to get with the program and wave so you don’t look like a rude jeeper!

Then there’s the DUCKING! Granted, not everyone is a fan of this custom, but based on the hundreds of groups and posts out there, a good majority see it as a high compliment and all in good fun! Personally, finding a duck on my Jeep makes me smile and has even turned a bad day back around.  Who doesn’t love to get a little surprise and a nice message once in awhile?  Being the ducker is super fun, whether you like to do it covertly (like me) or you’re bold enough to stay right there and wait to see how the recipient reacts!  Duckers and Duckees take and post pics and videos to DuckDuckJeep groups, save their ducks on their dash, re-duck and many often drag their friends and family in on the fun!


A conversation about customs isn’t complete without talking about CUSTOMIZATIONS!  A Jeep is like a lego – easy to take apart, put together, modify and make YOUnique.  It’s likely one of the most modified and widely different vehicles there is!  The list of possibilities is endless: wheels, tires, lifts, bumpers, fenders, lights, colors, interior and exterior accessories, sound systems, even the doors and roofs are widely customizable.  It’s why Jeep stands for “Just Empty Every Pocket”!

Oh, and lets not forget the NAMING custom! Again, not for everyone, but seemingly most.  Jeep owners see their Jeep as a part of their family – not in an insane way, but more a sentimental and joyful way. People give names to the things they love and a Jeep is no exception.  Whether it’s a nickname, a tribute to someone, or just for fun, there are some really unique and awesome names out there!  Jeepers often proudly label their Jeep with a decal to let the world know it’s name and often seek out the advice and input of others in helping to name their new family member.

Community is common events

 What better way to share your Jeep and love for Jeeps with others than to attend Jeep Events!!  Like social media groups, there are events for literally every occasion: holiday Jeep parades, jams, festivals, trail rides and clean ups, meet ups, beach rides, camping events, fundraisers, the list is endless! Whether it’s locally organized and advertised or a national event, I’m betting there is something available for the Jeep enthusiast literally every weekend of the year! 

 Many of the events include things like mud runs, obstacle courses, vendors, music, “Show and Shine” contests and more! Some of the upcoming events in the Southeast for this year are Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam, Pleasure Island Jeep Jam, Jeeptastic Park, Daytona Jeep Week, TN Trail Jam, and more! has an entire year of events that sell out faster than tickets to your favorite concert!

 I had NO IDEA when I bought my Jeep that I was getting so much more for my investment!!  I got an entire COMMUNITY of people, a LIFESTYLE of fun and adventure, a HOBBY, and now, a new CAREER path (  If this doesn’t peak your interest in Jeeps, you better check your pulse! 

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