Customize Your Jeep Trim with The Freedom to Change Your Mind

May 21, 2022

Looking to customize your Jeep with no hassle, easy to apply trim? Nervous about sacrificing time and quality, or committing to a color choice? Want to avoid costly mistakes, regrettable customization decisions, and in some cases voiding your warranty, risking your lease return, or messing with resale value? There are lots of options out there!

Decals, Stickers & Emblems

What better way to personalize your Jeep than to add decals, stickers or emblems that represent your YOUnique style! Whether it be a hobby, special interest, dedication, or just for fun, there are literally thousands of options for removable decals, stickers, & emblems. These types of customization are available literally anywhere.

A variety of standard choices can be found in almost any store, gift shop, or gas station. A popular vendor is Sticker Cababana, whose products are made in the U.S.A. There are a huge number of personalized options available through specialty shops, and retailers found on Etsy, and even Amazon. Most can be easily applied, adhere for a good long while,  and be removed with maybe some minor clean up of sticky residue.

Interior and Exterior Overlays

Another way to customize without commitment is to use interior and exterior trim overlays. There is a wide selection of products available that apply over your existing Jeep trim using pre-applied 3M double sided adhesive tape. When properly applied, these accent covers can hold up to just about anything; wind, pressure washing, off roading, even pets and kids! 

Overlays are typically made from durable, ABS plastic that comes in black and standard colors of the rainbow. Some trim pieces can even be found in patterns like carbon fiber.  Even better, there are custom painted options available so you can be guaranteed a perfect color match for all of your trim!  

 Factory Replacement Trim 

Replacing your interior or exterior trim with custom colored factory OEM Jeep trim is another way to distinguish your ride. This option is a bit more of a commitment, requiring installation and removal of your existing Jeep trim. Custom OEM interior and exterior trim can be somewhat limited gIven that not all Jeep parts are easily removed. 

Regardlesss of personal preference, there are tons of options out there to customize your Jeep without a lot of time, effort or commitment!


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