Stony Lonesome OHV Park Bremen, AL

Jun 1, 2022

While traveling through Alabama we had to stop in and check out the off road trails at Stony Lonesome OHV Park in Bremen. This 1400+ acre park has all the main attractions of a good 4x4 park. There’s camping from primitive to premium, a general store, plenty of bath houses/showers, and a ton of trails at a variety of skill levels. 

Jeep Badge of Honor Trails

We stopped in to check out the three Jeep Badge of Honor (BOH) trails only to find that two of the three are essentially impassable and should be removed from the BOH app or at least replaced with some other choices.  Both Gut Buster #508 and Switchback to Who’s Your Daddy are per the park staff “not drivable” and they indicate that they’ve asked Jeep to change out the trails but haven’t had any luck. After reading numerous reviews on the BOH app that gave similar opinions, we decided to just stick to the one sure bet. 

  Trail #404

For starters, this trailhead is a short distance inside the park over a rutted and bumpy entrance road, not a bad thing, until you get to “Big Hill”, AKA Baldie. The entrance to Trail #404 is at the top of a roughly 1000 foot ascent on deeply rutted boulders in a two way traffic pattern!  While momentum is definitely needed, so is care not to do some rock slamming or hit other 4x4’s coming in the downward direction. 

For the less confident off-roader, there is a route called “Big Hill Bypass” unfortunately, the only way to access the start of trail #404 is at the top of the hill. Once at the top, you can breathe a sigh of relief and boast a sense of accomplishment - and that’s without even being on the actual trail yet!

Honestly, the trail itself was pretty darn fun.  The width of one vehicle, it provided a good bit of twisting and turning through narrow curves and tight trees. Add in a few rocky challenges, some mud holes, and a ledge or two and this short less than one mile trail will give you an hour of adventure.

Bonus Features

A super cool addition this off road park offers is a huge, well kept car wash and bath house. Right before you exit, you can pressure wash all that mud and clay off of your Jeep or whatever 4x4 you’re riding, and even get yourself clean!  We even took the opportunity to test the durability of the custom painted exterior Jeep trim accent covers on our white Jeep which not only stood up to the rocks and branches, but also to the high pressure wash!


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