Jeep Badge Of Honor: Tackle Some Challenging Trails While Earning Swag For Your Jeep!

Jun 20, 2022

Anyone who owns a Jeep or knows someone who owns a Jeep likely knows that with it comes an entire culture of community! Whether it be Jeep meet ups, social media networking groups, annual Jeep events like Jeep Beach, charity rides or the quirky little things Jeepers do like the Jeep wave and ducking, there's something for everyone.

Jeep Badge of Honor Program

While some Jeep owners prefer to keep their vehicle on the road, Jeep knows that their vehicles were made for going off road. Off-roading is a super popular activity that brings a community and way of life. The Jeep Badge of Honor Program is a fun way to celebrate and reward life off-road. Jeep has created a way for people to discover trails, and earn an actual badge to display on your Jeep Brand vehicle.

Through this online community, Jeepers can find trails, check into the over 50 trails in the program, and even post their photos and reviews of their experience on the trails.

Off Road Vehicle Parks and Trails

Most often there are several trails in one area, or an off-road park so you can earn multiple badges in one trip!  Places like Salt Flats Recreation Area in Moab, Stony Lonesome OHV Park in Alabama, Hot Springs Off Road Park in Arkansas, and the Gulches in South Carolina to name but a few! 

Some parks might have only one Badge of Honor trail, like Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina, and Tread Lightly Way in Florida but there are still PLENTY of trails to enjoy in those places.

Once completed, there's an easy process to request a badge. Jeep will send a badge, specific to that trail, that is backed with strong adhesive tape so it can be mounted on your Jeep to display your accomplishment! It's all available on their special app.

Jeep Badge of Honor App

Download the app on the Apple  App Store or as a Google Play download. Once downloaded, you'll be asked to register an account with your Jeep Brand vehicles VIN number. In the app you'll find a home page that features different trails, and provides its difficulty, the current weather conditions, trail forecast, and amount of daylight remaining (most of these trails should not be attempted in the dark).

There's a map with a complete list of trails, where you can select a specific trail and see a detailed description including a picture of its specific badge, reviews of the trail from other users, a record of your check ins, the number of others who have checked in, and how many miles away from it you are based on your current location. You can get directions to the trail head, check in and provide your own review once you've completed the trail. 

Additional Features

The app also features a photo feed, a calendar of Jeep Adventure Academy Events, and your own account which shows the trail points you've collected and the badges you've earned. 

There's a section called "Off-Roading 101" that provides great information on Jeep's trail difficulty rating system, a safety checklist, and descriptions of different terrain elements like snow & mud, sand, and rock crawling. You can even suggest trails to be added to the program!

The app even contains a brief history of Jeep and information about its different trail rated Jeep Vehicles.

So what are you waiting for? Take your adventures off road and join the Jeep Badge of Honor online community!


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