Choosing Your Jeep® Paint Color

Jul 21, 2022

Getting ready to build, buy or paint your Jeep®? Choosing the right color for you can be a pretty big deal, not only because your Jeep is a sizable investment, but because it will in many ways lock you in or set you free in terms of color customizations. While this is by no means an exhaustive list of colors, or considerations, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

1. Safe Colors

Certain colors may be more “safe” than others not only in terms of accident and insurance risk, but also in the attention draw. Many Jeepers customize to have a Jeep that turns heads, but no one wants to stand out to law enforcement right? It’s bad enough that driving a rectangle with flexible articulation on a windy day can raise an eyebrow…but there is some speculation that police are more likely to pull over brightly colored vehicles such as Red (Firecracker), and Yellow (High Velocity).

When it comes to safe driving however, Jeeps that are Bright White, Yellow (Hella Yella) and Orange (Punkin’ Metallic) are seemingly more visible and thought to be less likely to be in an accident. On the contrary, colors like Black, and Gray (Granite Crystal, Stingray, Earl) may be harder to see especially at night. 

2. Psychology of Colors

Did you know that certain colors can affect your mood? Not only that, but certain colors can portray an “image” to others, be it intended or not. For example, Black may be associated with wealth and prestige, while muted colors such as tan (Gobi), or dark green (Sarge), are more understated and inconspicuous. 

Bright, fun and bold colors such as Yellow, Bright Green (Hyper, Gecko), Pink (Tuscadero), Purple (Plum Crazy, Reign), and Teal (Bikini), tend to give off a vibe of sporty, fun, a little wild, and even energizing! Blue (Surf, Hydro, Ocean) and Green (Gator, Gecko, Mojito) hues are often associated with a calm, cool, and outdoorsy feel.  

3. Popular Paint Colors

Some people prefer to choose their Jeep color based on what is trending and popular. Popular can also mean common or more frequently chosen. The top four paint colors typically chosen for vehicles are Black, Silver, White and Red. More recently shades like Tan (Gobi), Bronze (Wrangler 392) and Yellow (High Velocity) are gaining popularity. 

Jeep® is known for releasing some fun, spirited colors, like Velvet Red (Snazzberry), the more recent Pink (Tuscadero), and the up and coming Purple (Reign). Some of them are limited edition, which might play a part in your color decision. 

4. Other Considerations 

Paint color choice can also effect upfront costs, maintenance, and resale value of your Jeep. It can impact how much flexibility you have with color customizations, be it interior and exterior trim, seat covers, or wheels. Some colors go much better together than others, and a bold or trendy color could limit your options.

Whatever the Jeep color you choose, consider it a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. Your Jeep says a lot about you, and when your Jeep looks good, you feel good. Make it YOUniqely you, starting with your exterior Jeep color, and then customize from the outside in, with exterior and interior Jeep trim from Color My Jeep!

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